Our New Name!

Youth on Stage Story FW Star Telegram Photo

It was thirty-one years ago when my friends Michael and Eric called to tell me that they had started a theatre company. “It’s called Youth on Stage and our next show is going to be Godspell.” Eric said. He continued, Wanna be in it? We are doing everything ourselves. I’m directing and Michael is the musical director and choreographer. Mom said that we could get posters and t-shirts printed for free. And we could become a non-profit.” Michael and Eric were sixteen and I was fourteen. That summer the two of them assembled a cast of kids between the ages of fourteen to twenty-one years old. And we did everything ourselves. Eric secured in-kind theatre space donations while Michael’s mom covered other expenses. We walked door to door selling raffle tickets. We showed up at malls to perform. We told everyone we knew about our show. We invited the Fort Worth Star Telegram to plug and review us. We worked so hard that summer and learned so much. Godspell was fantastic. We simply were a bunch of kids who enjoyed the process of creating art.

Years later the troupe would settle into a diverse range of careers. Two are doctors. One is a recording artist. Another is a teacher. And the rest of us? We became professional actors, singers and dancers. The Youth on Stage of my childhood was a glorious gateway into my life’s calling: to create art.

Last week I called Michael in New York and asked him if he was okay with me using, Youth on Stage, Inc. , as the name of our newly incorporated non-profit organization. Without hesitation he said, “Yes!”

Before Eric and Michael left for college they told me, “Ok, Laurie, it’s up to you now. We are trusting you to keep it going.” It took three decades, but I am ready now.  So off we go. Youth on Stage: where professional, emerging and kid artists come together to create one of a kind musical theatre. We’re just a bunch of kids who love to create art!

We welcome you to Youth on Stage, Inc. and invite you to come create art with us.

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