Delving into Joy


In 2014, I had my mind set on creating a micro musical for our city’s Big SB150. I wanted South Bend’s youngest artists to play a part in telling our historical story. It occurred to me that aging our founders down might be an interesting perspective (ie: Clem Studebacker as a 10 year old). With lots of research and artistic collaboration, The Children of South Bend was born. We performed the show three times in Aug/Sept of 2015.

It remains a work in progress and that’s how we like to keep it. The original cast had 13 actresses. This summer, 20 children between the ages of 7-13 will tell their version. We offer the foundation of a solid script and score, but invite actors to contribute their ideas about lines, lyrics, actions, costumes, props and character choices. We will learn the material and then we will adjust, adapt. We will experiment. We will dialogue and change things around. Finally, we make decisions and commit ourselves to them, because we know there is a performance on the horizon, and being prepared will give us the freedom  to truly enjoy it!

And through it all, we will keep our sights set on our constant mission at Youth on Stage: to cultivate a creative mindset by delving into the unique joy of creating 2017’s The Children of South Bend and the world of musical storytelling.


See you Monday.




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