2017 Musical Theatre Camp


Hello Everyone!

Thank you for your patience as I’ve worked on putting the final touches on this summer’s Musical Theatre Camp, The Children of South Bend. The tab above will take you the page where you will find all the details about the camp, as well as how to register.

We first premiered this show in the summer of ’15, to celebrate South Bend’s 150th anniversary. The original libretto tells the story of 11 girls on the wagon trail from Ohio to South Bend. While the micro-musical is fictitious, it is based on, and uses the names of, real South Bend founding women. In the tradition of all YOS musicals, we will rewrite the script, based on the actors who are telling the story for this workshop.

Not only will actors experience finding their voice in producing an original musical, they will also throw themselves into the history of South Bend’s frontier life with preparing/eating authentic pioneer food, a daily pioneer craft creation and a trip to The History Museum.

Our mission at Youth on Stage is to cultivate a creative life through explorations onstage. It is our priority that children find  their creative voice in a space that is inviting, inclusive, professional and FUN!

I hope you will join us in celebrating South Bend, and the the process of creating art with kids!

I look forward to hearing from you!!










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