Youth on Stage welcomes Texas Chef, Beth Pav

Youth on Stage, Inc. is delighted to welcome Austin-based Chef Beth Pav! Chef Beth is coming all the way from the Texas hill country to join our annual PIONEER CRAFTS AND ACTING CAMP. Chef Beth will be spending the week of June 15-19 with these lucky campers, teaching them the tools of the trade and how to cook over an open fire! Each day, Chef Beth and campers will prepare a noon meal with authentic pioneer cooking techniques. Welcome Chef Beth! We’ll see you in June, on the prairie! Check our 2015 Call Board for more information!


“Beth Pav is one of the best chefs in Austin in any category you might choose.  She is especially well known for her execution of Asian cuisine. When we mail our 3,000 invitations every year for our “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” fundraiser, the phone begins to ring asking if Beth is cooking at any of the dinners…if the answer is “yes”…that dinner is sold out within two days.  But the remarkable thing about Beth is that not only does she have superb culinary skills, but she is such a caring person.  She gives back to the community in many ways and has the respect of her peers not only because of her abilities, but because of her heart.  …just like her cooking, nothing gimmicky, just simple and genuine…fabulous food, wonderful person!” Jay Barbee, Event Planner Project Transitions, Austin,Texas

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